Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Williamsburg VA

Have fun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Tucked away in the scenic Virginia landscape, Busch Gardens Williamsburg presents an exciting mix of exhilarating rides, engaging live performances, and authentically themed European villages. Spread across 383 acres, this family-oriented amusement park is celebrated for its stunning landscaping, exceptional dining options, and a wide variety of attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages.


Exciting Rides and Roller Coasters Busch Gardens is a paradise for adrenaline junkies. The park features some of the top roller coasters in the nation:
  • Griffon: Experience the excitement on one of the tallest and first floorless dive coasters in the world.
  • Apollo’s Chariot: Glide through the sky on this hypercoaster, celebrated for its smooth ride and exhilarating air-time hills.
  • Verbolten: Embark on a thrilling indoor/outdoor roller coaster journey through the mythical Black Forest.
  • Alpengeist: Boost your adrenaline on one of the highest, fastest, and most exhilarating inverted roller coasters around.
  • Sesame Street Forest of Fun: This charming section of the park is perfect for young children, filled with family-friendly rides and everyone’s favorite Sesame Street characters.
  • Rhine River Cruise: Take a relaxing boat ride and enjoy the sweeping views of the park’s stunning landscapes.
  • Celtic Fyre: A high-energy Irish dance show.
  • Pet Shenanigans: An amusing and adorable animal show suitable for all ages.

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